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RocketReader newsletter - Vocabulary Unleashed - More Tricky Words Explained

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  1. Given the recent spate of crime in their neighbourhood, the mother is averse to letting her children play in the park unsupervised.
  2. If something occurs twice a year, it occurs biannually.
  3. Stealing is an illicit activity.
  4. Always ensure you are punctual to a job interview or your prospective employer may not have a good impression of you.
  5. The family exulted at their big lottery win.
  6. Win or lose, the most important thing is to have fun when you play sport!
  7. It's such a great event, you should come.
  8. Their aunt, who recently moved to New York City, says that [their/there/they're] are some pretty exciting things to do in the Big Apple.
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