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RocketReader Feature Comparison

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FeatureRocketReader KidsRocketReader OnlineRocketReaderRocketReader Professional RocketReader EducationalRocketReader Vocab
Age Range 4 - 8 7 - Adult 7 - Adult 20+ 7 - Adult 11 - Adult
Once copy can be installed on 1 computer web based 1 computer 3 computers * 10,20,30,100, custom 1 computer
Number of readings NA 5500 500 575 500 NA
Readability analysis - determine grade level        
Import Text from Web Pages      
Reads PDF files    
Reads MS Word files **    
SAT Support  
Flash Trainings  
Group Trainings    
Speed Timings    
Speed Training    
Practice Readings    
Options for dyslexic readers      
Options for visually impaired readers      
Web updates
12 mths included
12 mths included

12 mths included

12 mths included
Teacher's control panel      
Price from US$99 download from US$109 for 3 month period from US$129 download from US$299 download click here from US$49 download
Info info Online page info info info info
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*    You can install the RocketReader Professional Edition on up to three computers that you use, for instance, your computer at home, your laptop and your computer at work as long as you or your family are using the software exclusively at these machines.

**    Requires the presence of Microsoft Office Installed on the computer.
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